Navigating Difficult Conversations Post-Election

Hosted by Counseling & Mental Health Services and
the Graduate Commons Program

Tuesday, November 10, 6:00pm EST


Whether with loved ones, friends, or coworkers, we typically spend our lives avoiding difficult conversations, but sometimes, they’re inevitable. As has more often been the case in 2020, (and during election season in particular), many of us are finding ourselves in the middle of difficult conversations, before we’ve prepared to have them.

During this session with Counseling and Mental Health Services, counselor Kevin Wehmhoefer will provide us with strategies and tools we can use to navigate these difficult conversations, while protecting our own emotional wellbeing.

Though there are many different types of difficult conversations, this session in particular will focus on coming together post-election. Explore strategies like ‘I statements,’ active listening, mindfulness and more.

There may be no one “right way” to have a tough conversation, but these approaches can help you get a dialogue started. 

Space may be limited. Pre-registration required.